First Shaban Amaal

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First Shaban Amaal

Dua & Aamal for the first of Shaban

(1) Perform Ghusl

(2) Fasting

Numerous prayers have been reported in “IQBAL” with significant rewards :-

i) Two Rakat with Suraq Hamd and 3 times Sura Ikhlass in each and then say “O My God this is my covenant with you until resurrection day ” Allhumma HadhaAhadi indak ila Yawmal qiyama” God will protect him from Satan& grant him rewards of the truthful ones

ii)Twelve rakaats with the recitation of Sura Ikhlas fifteen times after the recitation of the Al-Hamd. in each rakat

iii)Fast for first 3 days & in each night recite 2 Rakat with Sura Hamd & Sura Ikhlass 11 times Sayyid ibn Tawoos has reported from the Holy Messenger (saw) that a person who fasts on the first three days of this month and on their eve recites this will be greatly rewarded.

It is a day of great excellence and it has been reported from Ja’far Sadiq (as) that whoever fasts on that day is assured of Heaven.

If you place your mouse cursor at the top right corner of the above video, you will see this screenDownload 27 Rajab Amaal | Amaal of 27 Rajab. Click the down arrow to download the First Shaban Amaal

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