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Nad e Ali ka khas wazifa by Maulana Muhammad Ali Naqvi

Nad e Ali or Dua tswasal Ka khas Amal

mushkil treen Hajat or preshani Ka Hal Wazifa

Read 110 times Nade Ali and then read 3 times dua written below Dua Tawassul by the name “Dua Tawassul digar” in Mafati ul Jinan. This dua is also written in the above video.

110مرتبہ ندا علی پڑھیں اور پھر مفاتی الجنان میں دعا توسل کے نیچے لکھی ہوئی دعا تین بار پڑھیں۔ یہ دعا بھی اوپر والی ویڈیو میں لکھی ہوئی ہے۔

30 Wazifa (Benifits) for reciting Nade E Ali (a.s) :

1. For Every Wish: Read 41 times for 7 days after Fajr.
2. For Hope: Read 25 times for 18 days.
3. For Any Wish: Read 170 times for 12 days.
4. For Tensions/Wishes: Read like that, you should pray 2 rakat Namaz Nifl ,than put your left side mouth on sajda gah read 41 times Nad-e-Ali than put your right side mouth on sajda gah read 41 times and than put your head on sajda gah and pray for wishes.
5. For Any Hope: Put your head on Sajda-ga Read 11 times and than rise your head and pray your wish/desires.
6. For Initially Success: Read 400 times for 5 days.
7. For Removing Tension and Depression: Read 110 times with starting and ending with 11 times Durood Sharif.
8. For Getting Hope: Read 24 times daily.
9. For Every Desire of your life: Read 12 times for 70 days.
10. For Any Hopes of your life: Read 36 or 66 times daily.
11. To Create Love in Someone’s Heart: Read 47 times on your hands and talk to your lover or any one.
12. For Success: Read like that, you should pray 2 Rakat Namaz e-wish/hope in 1st rakat after Sura Alhamd than read 3 times Surah Qul huwallah than fwd/send or hadia this Namaz to Hazrat Ali a.s ,than Read 70 times Nad-e-Ali (read like that for 3 days) best.
13. For Sure Shot: Read 313 times daily for his/her, wishes/difficulty or any purpose, read it daily and pray for his/her mission or work.
14. For Sure Shot ( Most Strongest): Read 1000 times daily for his/her, wishes/difficulty or any purpose, read it daily and pray for his mission or work.
15. To Wining the Beloved: Read Nad-e-Ali as he could to wining the beloved heart.
16. For Success In Every Work: Read 400 times for 5 days and pray, For Success In Every Work.
17. To Win Some Once Heart : Read 700 times on grapes and offer to eat.
18. Falling In Love: Wife read on Fri, 47 times on herself and than talk to her husband ,he fallen in love with her.
19. Lover and Beloved: If someone is Lover/Beloved, Read 70 times on Perfume on Fri morning and gives it his/her Lover or Beloved and say to them take this perfume and spray it on his/her body, after that he/she become fallen in love.
20. For Victory: Read 400 times for 5 days.
21. For Any Kind of Need: Read Nad-e-Ali daily with Heart.
22. For Completion of Prayer Fulfill: After Take Bath, Spray Perfume on his/herself, Read 2 Rakat Namaz e Hajjat Kazi-ul-Hajjat, after the ending of prayer, then Read 1018 times Nad e Ali and after complete then go into Sag-da and pray for his/her Completion of prayer Fulfillment of desires.
23. Special Prayer: Take a bath on Sat, then read 2 Rakat Namaz e Hajjat, and then read 12 times Nad-a-Ali and pray in Masjid/Mosque for his wishes, hopes or any. InshAllah he/she will success.
24. For Desires: Read 170 times for 12 days.
25. To Get Control Over Others Heart: Read 1000 times for 10 days.
26. For Every Desires: Read 25 times for 18 days.
27. Rule Our Peoples Heart: Read Nad-e-Ali daily, as he could.
28. For Fulfill Wishes: Read Nad-e-Ali in Sag-da after every prayer and pray for fulfill his/her wishes read daily.
29. For Fulfilling Progress: Start on New Moon Sun read like that, read on Sun 70 times, read on Mon 60 times, read on Tue 50 times, read on Wed 40 times , read on Thurs 30 times, read on Fri 20 times, read on Sat 10 times with starting and ending 11 times Durood-e-Pak and pray for fulfilling progress.
30. For Fulfill Dua’s: Read 30 times for fulfill duas.
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