Ziyarat Nahiya

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Ziyarat Nahiya with Urdu and English Translation

Benefits of reciting Ziyarat Nahiya :

  • Ziyarat Nahiya remind reciters of the inevitability of the end of time, and nothing lasts forever. It motivates reciters to do good deeds to prepare themselves for judgment day.
  • Ziyarat Nahiya sends the best prayers for Imam al-Husain and also to ask forgiveness for him from Allah.
  • Ziyarat Nahiya can also be used as an indicator for self-kindness. Self-kindness during ziyarat recitals can only be achieved when it is done seriously.
  • Ziyarat Nahiya helps to remind reciters of the struggles Imam al-Husain had done to battle against evil, and how that event affects several Muslims to their present conditions today.
  • Ziyarat Nahiya teaches us to be grateful to our own conditions today, as well as to make us recognize Allah’s infinite power.
  • Ziyarat Nahiya may also promote peace to the universe like the benefits of zazen meditation.
Read Ziyarat Nahiya in Arabic-Urdu-English

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