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دعاے سلامتی امام زمانہ عجل اللہ فرجہ الشریف

The following benefits of Dua e Salaamati Imam e Zamana a.s. have been provided by Zakira Tahira Jaffer. She gave these benefits on paper to Markaz e Husaini(Abu Dhabi) which was distributed in March 2008.

88 Benefits of Dua e Salamati Imam e Zamana are as follows:

1. Allah bestows His Mercy on the reciter.

2. Best way to attain Allah’s pleasure and proximity (qurbat).

3. Reciter’s faith gets strengthened.

4. Develops true love for Imam as.

5. Recitation proves that the reciter is a true muntazir of Imam as.

6. Constant recitation keeps Shaitan away.

7. Provides patience during hardships.

8. Provides solution for hardships.

9. Best way to show our love to Allah.

10. Best way to show our love to Imam as.

11. Allah forgives reciter’s sins.

12. Imam as himself prays for the reciter.

13. Imam’s shafaa’at (recommendation) in Allah’s Bargaah.

14. Prophet saww will provide shafaa’at.

15. Allah’s special Mercy.

16. Prayers are answered.

17. Best way to offer Ajr e Risaalat.

18. Prevents hardships.

19. Provides safety from catastrophe (balaayein and aafatein).

20. Increase in sustenance.

21. Imam as gives his Ziyarat for a true reciter.

22. Attains Imam’s as nearness in this world.

23. Increases love for Ahle Bait a.s.

24. Prepares the reciter for his meeting with Allah after death.

25. Hastens Imam’s as appearance.

26. Increases obedience to Prophet saww and Imam as.

27. Provides nijaat for reciter’s parents.

28. Relieves the reciter from the burden of loan.

29. Provides peace of heart.

30. Reciter’s heart brightens up with Imam’s as noor.

31. Good intentions and aims are fulfilled.

32. Allah provides with a hidden (ghaibi) help.

33. Helps in understanding the knowledge in Quran.

34. Helps in overcoming enemies.

35. Attains high status in Allah’s Bargah.

36. Saves one from hardships of Aakherat.

37. Relieves the reciter from the pangs of death.

38. Saves from Fishaare Qabr or chastisement in grave.

39. True reciter will be raised with Imam Ali as on the Day of Resurrection.

40. True reciter will be raised with this Dua’s noor on the Day of Resurrection.

41. True reciter will be raised with Aimmah as on the Day of Resurrection.

42. Reciter becomes Allah’s favourite bandaa.

43. Angels pray with the reciter.

44. Attains nearness of Prophet saww.

45. Reciter will be in Paradise.

46. Reciter proves his attachment and relationship with Quran & Ahle Bait as.

47. Prophet saww will pray for the reciter.

48. Imam Ali as will pray for the reciter.

49. Imam Zainul Abideen as will pray for the reciter.

50. Allah will be a Helper in the reciter’s worship (ibaadat).

51. Dua is a weapon against atrocities and cruel and brutal people.

52. Bad deeds get converted to good ones.

53. Virtue (Sawaab) equal to that of respecting elders.

54. Virtue equal to that of an Aalim e Deen or a Scholar.

55. Virtue equal to that of doing good to Imam as.

56. Virtue equal to that of taking revenge with Imam Husain’s as enemies.

57. Best way to act on Imam Ali’s as sayings.

58. Forgiveness of 70000 sins.

59. Reciter will enter Paradise without any giving any account of his deeds.

60. Reciter will not feel thirsty on the Day of Resurrection.

61. Allah will provide the reciter with virtues of a kind hearted and respected person.

62. Attains high status in Paradise.

63. This Dua is a proof of complete faith or Kaamil Imaan.

64. Injures Shaitan’s heart.

65. Reciter gets reward equal to the person martyred while fighting alongside Prophet saww.

66. Reciter will get servants in Paradise.

67. Reciter gains everyone’s respect and everyone behaves good with him.

68. Allah’s Mercy will provide protection.

69. Allah feels proud of His bandaa.

70. This Dua is one of the signs of Allah.

71. Attains position of a true Momin.

72. Angels visit and listen to this Dua wherever it is being recited.

73. Angels pray for reciter’s forgiveness.

74. Reciter will be saved from the catastrophe of the Day of Resurrection.

75. Reciter attains the same level as that of a pious (muttaqi) person in Imam’s as eyes.

76. Reciter shows true obedience to Imam as

77. Reciter get pleasure of Allah.

78. Reciter get pleasure of Prophet saww.

79. One of the best recitations in Allah’s Bargaah.

80. Reciter will get the rank of a martyr on the Day of Resurrection.

81. Easy accounting of reciter’s deeds on the Day of Resurrection.

82. Reciter will be among the rulers in Paradise.

83. Keeps anger in control.

84. Better to recite tis Dua before Imam’s as reappearance than after he reappears, Inshallah.

85. Best friend in Barzakh and on the Day of Resurrection.

86. One of the best deeds.

87. This Dua is like a tightly held rope ( Allah’s rassi).

88. Bibi Syeda Fatima Zahra as will provide shafaa’at to the reciter on the Day of Resurrection.

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